This is Your Time. This is Your Moment.
Your Life By Design:

I know you must be frustrated at not having what you really want in your life! 
Are you tired of the search for your ideal mate? Do you have an ache in your heart for not fulfilling your purpose? 
You know you have blocks that are preventing you from becoming your best self, having the amazing love relationship you are looking for and know there’s “more to life” than you are currently experiencing!

Did I strike a nerve? If this is you, please read on!

In this 7-part course you will learn: 
Why patterns repeat themselves that undermine your efforts 
How to create a life by design, rather than by default 
What is true manifestation 
What you must heal to remove blocks to manifest the miraculous
How to truly transform your life into the miraculous 
How to live in the energetic vibration of the miraculous even more 
Why you are living an identity crisis and how that blocks your success 
What true empowerment is and how that can change your life 
In this 7-part course you will learn: 
Plus, many bonuses, including: 
 Inner Child Healing Audio
 Intuition Audio
  Neuroscience Trigger Sheet Formula
  Ebook, “Illuminate Your Journey: A Guide To Healing” for overcoming trauma

I have the solution for you! But, first, I’m sure you are wondering, who I am and why YOU should listen to me! 

I am Theresa Vigarino. And, I am here to guide you to and through YOUR transformation. I am an expert in this area for many reasons. It’s not because I have been mentored by one of the greatest neuroscientists/quantum physics scientist alive today, nor is it the 30 plus years of emotional healing and psychological study, nor is it the lifetime of deep, spiritual lessons and connections that have been a part of my everyday life. No. It is because, what I teach in this course is what I experienced and utilized to transform my very own life. It is because of what I have lived.   

Need proof that this will work for YOU? Look at the testimonials from others’ who have embarked on this journey with me:

"After the death of my husband, I needed help getting over the pain and old default programs running over and over in my brain. Her programs helped me to understand the brain patterns, fear I felt, and have given me hope for a bright future. "

"You'll never know how you've helped me! Beginning with our first conversation and beyond, you have guided my ability to understand my own needs. You did the thing I find most rare. You listened without judgement. Then you helped outline my befuddled mess of relationships with my loved ones, finances, career opportunities, and especially myself. You explained to me that until I honored myself by setting and reinforcing boundaries, that nothing else would have room to grow. You helped me find solid ground. You are a true light in a world that can sometimes seem dark.
Thank You! "

"Theresa you came into my life when I was at one of my lowest points of my life. Your kind words of love, friendship, encouragement, and support helped me to trust again. Through your program and mentorship, I have learned that I am not a victim anymore, you showed me I was my worst enemy therefore I could also be my best friend, you helped me to see the patterns I had going through my life, how to heal them but the biggest joy you have helped me with is to return to my true self of love. "

These are just a few success stories I’ve been honored and humbled to say that the Spirit used me as a vessel to heal their lives. In actuality, there have been almost 6,000 souls that have benefitted from the messages and teachings that have come through me, on behalf of the Spirit. 

This digital program will offer you 
the opportunity to learn as you go and evolve as you grow! 

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